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Are You An AlkiVision Wireless Rechargeable Camera Happy User?

Are You An AlkiVision Wireless Rechargeable Camera Happy User?

5 Best Home Security Camera Systems 2021(Top Rated Home Security Camera Systems 2021)

We Like
Eufy Wireless Home Security System+ Wide Field of View
+ Long Battery Life
+ IP67 Weather Rating
- Requires A Hub
Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System+ High camera resolution
+ 3MP NVR Resolution
+ 1TB hard drive pre-installed
- One-way audio
ANKE 5MP Lite Wired Security Camera System+ Great for outdoor use
+ Exceptional night vision
+ No heating up
- Wired
Home Security Camera System+ H.264 Image Compression
+ Long Distance Range
+ Wide Angle of View
- Not recommended for external use
Blink Indoor+ Two-way audio
+ Alexa compatibility
+ Simple Installation
- No continuous live feed

“It is prudent to consider investing in the security of your valuables. There are many ways or means of securing them.”

Installing cameras, an insurance cover, employing personnel are among the various security modes available. While all methods are workable, they carry different levels of risks. Now, which is the best mode of security?

Security Camera Outdoor, Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered 1080P WiFi Home Surveillance Camera with Waterproof, Night Vision, Motion Detection, 2-Way Audio and SD Storage

The easiest way to enjoy your wealth with peace of mind is by installing security cameras in your home or workplace. AlkiVision Wireless Rechargeable Camera is one of the best in the market.

One of the most significant challenges of security cameras is power sustenance. Most cameras rely on batteries that run for a few months. During the period the battery is charging, security is adversely compromised.

Securing properties goes beyond what you generally see. The use of human resources as a foundation of security has its shortcomings besides the high cost.

You can only ignore security at your peril. The fee of securing an item weighs far much less than its price tag and eventual inconveniences if absent.

You are likely to have one or more items you protect from prey eyes. As a result, AlkiVision security camera outdoor is not an exclusive gadget for some few.

What Do You Find Inside The box?

The camera is packaged with several other accessories in the box. Some of the box contents include,

  • AlkiVision Wireless Rechargeable Camera
  • Camera power adapter
  • USB charging cable
  • Outdoor wall mount
  • A quick user guide
  • Mounting screw and anchor sets

There is a need to have all the above accessories during the installation of the ALKIVISION security camera.

There is a need for a security consultant to confirm that the product’s details are accurate if you are uncertain of what you need. Some of the confirmation areas include lenses with a wide angle of coverage.

This particular AlkiVision camera can cover 1300 with its quality 1080p lenses. During the night, the ALKIVISION Wireless Home Security Camera automatically shifts to night vision. The night capability is achieved through the use of infrared light. The most effective range of the camera is 64 feet regardless of day or night.

How Do You Choose A Security Camera?

Indeed, there are several security cameras for homes and workplaces. Each camera’s choice has its advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, most security cameras are designed to offer peace of mind when properly installed.

Always ensure the brand of camera installed adds value to you. For this reason, prior research for the best wireless rechargeable cameras in the market can help.

You appreciate that information is power. Consider the following suggestions when choosing a camera;

  • Night vision capability
  • Resolution of the camera
  • Clarity of the images
  • Price of the product
  • Brand of the camera
  • Length or distance covered during day/night
  • The angle at which the camera can capture an object

There are cameras with all the attributes you are looking for, while others may partially meet your specifications.

An excellent example of such a gadget with all attributes includes ALKIVISION Wireless Rechargeable Security Camera. ALKIVISION outdoor camera has unique features. The device has dimensions of 3.4 x 1.4 x 2.3 inches and weighs 10.5 ounces.

Do Weather Affect ALKIVISION Security Cameras?

The ALKIVISION camera ideally works best at -40F-1220F. Considering that this camera is principally an outdoor gadget, it is exceptionally hardy and works even under heavy rainfall or even hot sunshine.

How Easy Is ALKIVISION Security Camera Installation?

The ALKIVISION security camera has a wireless connection making installation easier. By downloading a mobile App, you can use your AlkiVision camera to screen visitors at the gate or door, communicate directly with friends and family members.

Can ALKIVISION Security Camera Be Used To Communicate?

This device has an in-built two–way audio, which uses an anti-noise speaker and microphone-supports real-time communication.
You can also scare away thieves by pressing and holding the “Hold &Speak” button within the live stream in the app.

How Often Do You Receive Alerts From ALKIVISION Security Camera?

The security camera outdoor has a built-in PIR sensor that detects and filters human movement. When an object passes the motion zone, the camera will detect, record, and simultaneously send a notification to your smartphone.

Any Advantages Of ALKIVISION Security Cameras?

There are various agreeable points to consider when looking for a security device. Many of which are well-taken care-off by ALKIVISION security cameras. The obvious benefits include the minimal space they occupy. Besides, their design is breathtaking.

Moreover, the device allows you to communicate with friends and families. You can also scare away intruders and filter unwanted visitors.

The clarity of pictures and images is perfect, unlike our competitors, which are generally blurred and unclear. This clarity is attributed to the high-resolution 1080P HD lenses.

ALKIVISION security cameras have rechargeable batteries that last for a very long time. It can last for between one and six months, depending on the usage. It is essential to ensure the camera is fully charged before using it for the first time.

Additionally, the device requires only a simple installation. It saves time and installation cost as you can use the user guide and personally do the installation. Use of user guide provided keeps away the technician and hence saves more money.

Are There Disadvantage Of Using ALKIVISION Security Camera?

Some security cameras have a greater coverage angle than the one covered by the ALKIVISION security camera, both for night and day vision. Moreover, the distance covered by 64 feet may be inadequate for some security environments.



There is no doubt that this particular outdoor security camera has what it takes to secure a premise. In our considered view, installation of ALKIVISION wireless rechargeable camera is a good choice of camera.

The device is comprehensive both during the day or night. After carefully looking at the advantages of this security apparatus, it is fair to encourage anyone to buy. The fact that the device offers you peace of mind when installed is the very reason why you need this gadget.

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Alki Vision Security Camera Frequently Asked Questions

Linking to Alkivision’s second camera is quite simple. You just have to follow the exact procedure for the first--it's exactly the same.
In most cases (if not all), the best magnetic mount to use is that which comes with the camera (the exact one you find in the package). And if you will, you can mount it right on the wood column on your porch.
No. Alki Vision camera Batteries are built into the camera, and so you’ll need a mini USB cable to charge it.
Yes, of course. And this is why you can trust it to serve you till heaven falls. (Don't get too careless with it, though)
Yes. If you’re using the camera app, you can share, though others will need to download the app as well.
Well, it all depends on your notification settings, such as sensitivity and frequency. And yes, they’re both adjustable.
The camera has no selector switch and is not compatible with 5G. It should be set to 2.4G.