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Why IHOUMI Wi-Fi Battery Indoor Camera is Preferred?

Why IHOUMI Wi-Fi Battery Indoor Camera is Preferred?

5 Best Home Security Camera Systems 2021(Top Rated Home Security Camera Systems 2021)

We Like
Eufy Wireless Home Security System+ Wide Field of View
+ Long Battery Life
+ IP67 Weather Rating
- Requires A Hub
Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System+ High camera resolution
+ 3MP NVR Resolution
+ 1TB hard drive pre-installed
- One-way audio
ANKE 5MP Lite Wired Security Camera System+ Great for outdoor use
+ Exceptional night vision
+ No heating up
- Wired
Home Security Camera System+ H.264 Image Compression
+ Long Distance Range
+ Wide Angle of View
- Not recommended for external use
Blink Indoor+ Two-way audio
+ Alexa compatibility
+ Simple Installation
- No continuous live feed

“In our day-to-day life, so many good things happen around us. Yet still, other evil things are in the making. To mitigate these bad things from continuing to happen, security camera installation is critical.”

There are two kinds of security cameras, indoor and outdoor. Each one of them has its properties to enhance performance. One of the highly recommended indoor cameras is IHOUMI.

Unlike other types of cameras, IHOUMI Wi-Fi Battery Indoor Camera does not have an antenna. Moreover, it is wireless and has a perfect performance in terms of the clarity of images. The device dimensions are 2.36 x 1.97 x 3.94 inches. Besides the small size, it also has a lightweight of 12 ounces.

A single lithium-polymer battery powers this particular camera. The one advantage of this camera is that it is rechargeable. You do not need to replace the battery every time it is low. As a result, the running cost is reduced significantly.

This particular security camera sold by IHOUMI-US is five–star rated and comes with a warranty and support. To determine the effectiveness of this indoor security camera, we need to visit some of the queries new users ask.

Are There Difficulties in IHOUMI Installation?

The fact that the security camera is wireless makes the installation less troublesome. You probably need just the basic installation procedures to fix the camera in position. There are no network cables or cables required during the installation process. This omission makes installation easy and fast.

IHOUMI battery camera is suitable for multiple situations. Although the camera is designated as an indoor camera, you can install this particular security camera anywhere in the stores, garage, and home as either indoor or outdoor. A fantastic security camera indeed.

Can the IHOUMI Battery Camera Stand for Long?

Many cameras are designed to run on battery for several days, weeks, or even months. IHOUMI battery camera is no exception. It has a large-capacity battery that enables it to run for long.

Moreover, the battery is rechargeable, enhancing the performance of the camera. Though most cameras can only run on battery for a few months, the IHOUMI battery camera can run for six months on battery before recharging. The time is guaranteed if the battery was fully charged when using for the first time.

This security camera comes with PIR Smart Motion Detector. The camera can be designed to send alerts to your phone only when human movement is detected. The camera is ideal for screening who needs to enter premises and who needs to be barred.

How Does the Camera Communication Channel Work?

IHOUMI camera has a built-in microphone and speakers. The installation enables you to enjoy two-way audio. It is possible to communicate with your friends and families all over since the camera is Wi-Fi enabled.

False alarms can be annoying sometimes. With an artificial intelligence motion detector, you quickly filter out false alarms from other movements. Only human-resulting movements are captured, and their alerts are notified through your smartphone.

Do IHOUMI WiFi Battery Indoor Camera Have Night Vision?

Every person has a right to privacy. Your customers’ privacy needs to be observed at all times since it’s their right. IHOUMI battery cameras have strong privacy protection and an upgraded night vision.

The latest encryption technology has been incorporated into this particular camera. The net result is a double-encrypt surveillance video. With this high-level encryption, the privacy of your customers is guaranteed.

During the night, your camera comes in handy. This particular device can capture objects at 1300 angles. IHOUMI battery cameras have a 10m night vision capability.

The wide-angle enables your camera to get a clear view of the image. The videos resulting from the cameras are of high quality. Considering that these cameras are more often than not indoor preferred, the angle of coverage is sufficient.

Are These All the Functions Available?

As indicated, there are diverse functions. Additionally, the camera has a slot for a Micro SD card in case of local storage. Since the security cameras can also be installed outdoor, enhanced protection from harsh weather conditions is necessitated.

The robust 1080P camera has both dust-proof and water-proof capabilities. If you consider the ease of function set-up, the IHOUMI battery camera is user-friendly. You need not be a security installation expert to set the camera functions.

Advantages of IHOUMI WiFi Battery Indoor Camera

IHOUMI battery camera has very friendly functions. The night vision with a big angle of coverage is a big plus to this particular camera. Videos recorded are of high quality.

Whenever you purchase the camera, the selling company guarantees you their support besides the device’s standard warranty. This support goes beyond the typical customer service.

Privacy of customers is equally enhanced by double–encryption of the surveillance. These multiple encryptions are a wonderful element of security. A customer would be happy to know that his right to privacy is guaranteed.

You can communicate with family members if the camera is home-based or workers if the installation is done in the workplace. Two-way communication is a big millage in security coverage.

The size of the camera is quite good for an indoor type. Besides, the camera’s weight is light enough to be installed anywhere with little regard for the surface mounted.

Disadvantages of the IHOUMI WiFi Battery Indoor Camera

The camera has featured serious security undertakings. However, the night vision coverage is not sufficient enough. The 32feet range is not long enough to ascertain maximum security. Although the security camera is generally an indoor type, where an outdoor is preferred, an angle of 3600 would be more appropriate.


The model of the camera comes with a fantastic design. The white color can blend with many indoor colors. There is no justifiable reason for not owning this valuable IHOUMI battery camera.

Remember your security, both indoor and outdoor, is essential for your valuable items. Safeguard your loved ones and your valuables with IHOUMI Wi-Fi battery Indoor camera.

Remember to buy this particular camera as a gift item to your friends too.


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