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How to Protect Your Home with a COOAU Outdoor Security Camera?

How to Protect Your Home with a COOAU Outdoor Security Camera?

5 Best Home Security Camera Systems 2021(Top Rated Home Security Camera Systems 2021)

We Like
Eufy Wireless Home Security System+ Wide Field of View
+ Long Battery Life
+ IP67 Weather Rating
- Requires A Hub
Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System+ High camera resolution
+ 3MP NVR Resolution
+ 1TB hard drive pre-installed
- One-way audio
ANKE 5MP Lite Wired Security Camera System+ Great for outdoor use
+ Exceptional night vision
+ No heating up
- Wired
Home Security Camera System+ H.264 Image Compression
+ Long Distance Range
+ Wide Angle of View
- Not recommended for external use
Blink Indoor+ Two-way audio
+ Alexa compatibility
+ Simple Installation
- No continuous live feed

“Security cameras are gradually becoming a popular mode of ensuring home security. But if you check now, you will find different home security camera brands flooding the internet. You will be easily overwhelmed by that if you do not know what you are looking for.”

Outdoor Security Camera COOAU Wireless Solar Powered Rechargeable Battery Camera WiFi IP Home Surveillance Camera 1080P Night Vision 4dbi Antenna IP66 Waterproof Human Motion Detection iOS Android

I’ll bring out the security features in nowaday’s security cameras that will help to protect your home through this article. COOAU Outdoor Security Camera is a good base point for me to bring out all those features.

Let’s look at the features one by one.

Is COOAU Outdoor Security Camera Fully Wireless?

Yes, it is a fully wireless home security camera. But how does this help us protect our home?

  • Can’t disable the camera by cutting the wires – Imagine an instance where someone is trying to break into your house. They can easily disable your security system. A wireless camera can easily avoid this.
  • Reliable security – Cable damages are a common sight in wired security cameras. Glitchy video feedback or complete blackouts are unavoidable.
  • Easy installation – I found many people give up having a home security system due to the troubles they have to go through in the installing stage. With a wireless camera, you can get that done in 5 minutes.
  • Less maintenance – No frequent cable replacement is required. Saves your money as well.

But I have to point out that there can be one cable attaching to the solar panel from this camera. We will discuss that under different sub-topic.

How to Supply Power to the COOAU Outdoor Security Camera?

This home security camera uses a powerful battery to power itself. The interesting fact about it is way higher than the other rechargeable home security cameras.

  • Battery Capacity – 10400 mAh

In other rechargeable cameras, you have to dismount and charge the camera once at least every three months. Even though it is a long time. Who knows what will happen on the charging day?

Solar Panel to the Rescue

COOAU has given you the perfect solution to this. A solar panel that can charge the batteries whenever they are drained. This means even after few months, you don’t have to dismount the camera to juice up. COOAU Outdoor Security Camera can protect you every second of the day without dying out due to power outages.

Can You Install This Home Security Camera by Yourself?

Have no worries about this. Yes, many of us give up on home security cameras due to additional installation costs. But the COOAU Outdoor Security Camera takes only five minutes to install.

Let’s see how the installation is done.

  • Step 1

Fully charge the camera through a power outlet in your home. Even without the solar panel, COOAU claims that this camera can run a whole year with that single charge.

  • Step 2

Drill holes and fix the two mounts on the place where you are planning to install the camera. Plugin the solar panel output wire to the camera.

Two mounts are for,

  1. Camera
  2. Solar Panel

You can either tie up the 3m long cord or place the solar panel in a place where it can get a lot of sunlight.

  • Step 3

Scan the barcode in the back of the box to install the app on your phone.

  • Step 4

Create an account and sign in. This is a free account, so you do not have to enter your card details.

  • Step 5

You can press the “add device” button to select your camera from the app. Next, hold the reset button for pairing.

After you complete these five steps, the installation of your home security camera will be done.

What are the Camera Specifications of the Battery Camera DD201?

The point of having a security camera is to prevent and get evidence of security threats that comes to your home. To provide that expected security, you need to have high-quality video output. Let’s see the specifications that COOAU Outdoor Security Camera has.

1.1080p HD resoloution video

Recorded video quality is exceptional in this camera. Sharp edges and fully detailed images are essential to have real meaning for the video. With HD quality videos, you can achieve that.

2.130° angle of view

A security camera should be able to capture a large field of view. If not, there is a chance of missing out on details. With a 130° angle of view, there is no chance to hide from your camera.

Can COOAU DD201 Detect Movements?

Yes, it certainly can detect movements. Actually, the whole securing of our home is based on the motion detection capability of the COOAU DD201. That’s because this Smart Camera will only begin to record only when it detects a motion.

With the help of the PIR motion sensor, COOAU DD201 will immediately detect movements and send an alert to your phone. Meanwhile, the recorded footage will be saved into its given storage method.

What are the Storage Methods Available in the COOAU Outdoor Security Camera?

Storing the captured video can be tricky in security cameras. If we can’t review the clips later, there is no use for it. There are two storage methods available for this camera.

  1. SD Card
  2. Cloud Storage

If you ask me, I would say go for both methods. So that each option can back up the other. The maximum size of the sd card you can install is 128GB. Cloud storage is a service you can get by monthly payment.

Does COOAU Outdoor Security Camera have Night Vision?

With the IR lights, it can see in the complete darkness up to 20m. Many threats that can occur around our homes most of the time happen after night. Due to this reason, night vision is a great feature to have.

Speak to the People Violating Your Area, While Listening to Them

What this means is COOAU DD201 has a two-way audio facility. You can listen to what’s happening in your backyard. Not only that, you can speak through the built-in speaker in the camera through your smartphone app.

Can COOAU DD201 Survive Outdoor?

Yes, this camera has the IP66 Waterproof certification. Because of that, it can survive under many harsh weather conditions such as rain and snow.

What are the Features That Smartphone App Brings to Us?

  1. Play live feed
  2. Zoom the feed up to 4 times
  3. Speak through the camera
  4. Motion alerts
  5. Battery Status
  6. Video sharing up to 20 people


I think you came across many new features that a home security camera can offer to protect your home. There is no denying COOAU Outdoor Security Camera has everything you can ask from a home security camera. Hope you found the answers you were looking for and found a great new product worth spending your money on.

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