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Why You Should Consider the SV3C 100% Wire-free Security Camera for Your Home Surveillance?

Why You Should Consider the SV3C 100% Wire-free Security Camera for Your Home Surveillance?

5 Best Home Security Camera Systems 2021(Top Rated Home Security Camera Systems 2021)

We Like
Eufy Wireless Home Security System+ Wide Field of View
+ Long Battery Life
+ IP67 Weather Rating
- Requires A Hub
Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System+ High camera resolution
+ 3MP NVR Resolution
+ 1TB hard drive pre-installed
- One-way audio
ANKE 5MP Lite Wired Security Camera System+ Great for outdoor use
+ Exceptional night vision
+ No heating up
- Wired
Home Security Camera System+ H.264 Image Compression
+ Long Distance Range
+ Wide Angle of View
- Not recommended for external use
Blink Indoor+ Two-way audio
+ Alexa compatibility
+ Simple Installation
- No continuous live feed

“We know that we can’t be everywhere at the same time. Yet, there lingers the desire to always keep an eye on all that concerns us. As a response, surveillance cameras came to the rescue, creating a way to keep ourselves abreast of happenings in our surroundings even when we are not close by.”

Besides aiding indoor and outdoor inspection, security cameras also serve as sentry, prompting you whenever it notices any movement.

Wireless Battery Security Camera Outdoor, SV3C 1080P WiFi Rechargeable Cordless IP Camera Indoor, Home Camera with Two-way Audio, Motion Detection, Adorcam App Remote Cameras Support Max 128GB TF Card

These are reasons why you can’t just choose any security camera in 2021. You need an honest review of how the camera works, its efficiency, durability, and ease of use. Luckily, that’s the help we render here!

In this post, we’ll be giving you a thorough review of the SV3C 100% wire-free security camera. Is it a good 2021 option? What are the pros and cons of this device? Here, you’ll get our professional analysis of this SV3C surveillance camera.

This post includes:

  • General Features of The SV3C Camera
  • How Effective is The Camera for Surveillance?
  • Is it Easy to Install and Operate the Device?
  • Our Final Verdict

Let’s get it started then!

General Features of The SV3C Wireless Security Camera

SV3C Technology is a company that streamlines its energy into producing equipment for home security. The SV3C 2021 newest battery wireless security camera for outdoor and indoor purposes is one of their latest releases which was first available on February 23, 2021.

This camera from SV3C is completely wireless. It works in conjunction with a mobile application, connecting to your mobile device using a WiFi network. That said, the camera is battery-powered with a capacity of 5000 mAh, which is rechargeable.

The SV3C camera has a full HD resolution of 1080P. It also features two pieces of infrared lights to augment the presence of low light at night. Yet, the night vision is only black and white with a monitor range of about 32ft. The night vision is surely going to be bleak compared to daylight performance.

Moving on, the camera has an IP65 waterproof rating, meaning that it can withstand regular exposures to water, dust, and snow if you install it at a considerable height. However, don’t ever try to immerse it in the water!

SV3C 1080P WiFi rechargeable cordless IP camera for indoor and outdoor use also features a two-way audio system with a speaker and a microphone. With this, you can easily communicate with someone in front of the camera wherever you are. It could also serve to scare away intruders.

That aside, let’s move on to check for the effectiveness of the SV3C 100% wire-free security camera.

How Effective Is the Camera For Surveillance?

The SV3C wireless camera has a view angle of 100°. To us, this is a good range for capturing regular activity. However, there are other cameras in its price range that offer a wider view spectrum. Nevertheless, this IP camera captures every needed detail.

Asides from that, the SV3C camera only has the option of alarm recording. It means that the camera will only activate recording when it senses motion. It is a good way to prevent unnecessary use of storage space. Nonetheless, it will be below your expectation if you were expecting 24/7 recording.

Moreover, the camera does not support cloud storage of images and videos. It only stores them on the SD card inserted in it. You should also note that a storage card does not come with the gadget; you will have to purchase it separately. The camera can accommodate an SD card of up to 128Gb.

Earlier, we spoke about the battery capacity of this camera – 5000 mAh. With this, the SV3C camera should last up to four(4) months after a full charge. Although this depends on the rate at which the camera sensor detects motion, which implies recording.

It means that the SV3C 100% wire-free security camera may only last up to half the estimated time. For us, a higher battery capacity like 10,000 mAh would have been a better option. Although the 5000 mAh would also work fine for nominal house surveillance.

Is It Easy to Install and Operate The SV3C Camera?

Installing this SV3C camera is quite easy and simple. You don’t have to break a sweat in the process.

The SV3C 2021 Newest Battery Wireless Security Camera for Outdoor and Indoor purposes can be easily set up wherever you want it to be. The camera comes with a wall bracket for outdoor installation. This also helps to easily tilt the camera to your desired angle. The camera can also stand on its own for indoor use, just place it on a table or shelf.

Besides the ease of installation, the operation of the IP camera is seamless too. It works with a mobile App called Adorcam, which is available on the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for IOS users.

With the app, the camera sends you a notification every time it notices motion. You can also watch the live feed from the camera wherever you are. The two-way audio system works using the mobile app with the microphone and speaker icon in the live feed section of the app.

Furthermore, the SV3C camera comes with a light indication system as follows:

  1. No light – The camera is shutdown
  2. Red Solid light – Charging
  3. Rapid red light flash (multiple times in a second) – The camera is connecting to WiFi
  4. Slow red light flash (once in a second) – The camera awaits a WiFi connection
  5. Blue solid light – Alarm recording is on
  6. Slow blue light flash (once every two seconds) – The camera is delivering a live feed.
  7. Rapid blue light flash (multiple times in a second) – Upgrading status

Our Final Verdict

Based on our review above, it is obvious that the SV3C 1080P WiFi rechargeable cordless IP camera for indoor and outdoor use offers a great deal of value for its price. The device combines the power of modern technology and excellent performance to meet your 2021 needs for a security camera.

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